Kaman and Zereshk Telesiyej (chair lift)

Kaman and Zereshk Telesiyej (chair lift) with a length of one thousand and 450 meters and with the handling capacity of one thousand and 250 persons per hours and it has the indicators of global standards and it can be turned into the all PLC chair lift which has been installed on the 14 foundations.

This project has become the candidate for hosting International Ski tournaments in large and small spiral due to the construction of that according to the standards of Ski world federation. It has a distinguished position due to locating in the center of the tourism region of Kaman and Zereshk in the highlands of Alamut region, 20 Km far from North of Qazvin where is including a place with an area of 2650 Hectares.

This complex is located on the entrance gate to Alamut region and the beautiful views of paddy on the sidelines of Shahrood and it provides services to the mountain tourism so it is Eye-catching and memorable.