1. Creating streets, alleys, squares, public gardens, water channels and developing passages in the scope of legislation.


2. Cleaning and clearing the pathways, public streams, water channels and waste water and aqueduct purgation of city and supply the water and lighting by possible means.


Note 1


Public crossing barrier and busy sidewalks and their unauthorized using and squares and parks and public gardens for business and residence or other using is forbidden and the municipality is obliged to prevent them by its agents. About the appointed kiosks before approval of this rule, municipality is obliged to remove them and if the kiosks owners have the assumpsit with the comments of rules committee on article 77 should redress, but about the people who have installed kiosks in the public pass ways after the approval of this rule, municipality is obliged to remove them by it's agents and the mentioned people shouldn't have assumpsit.


Note 2


Construction of utilities, production and distribution of electricity power and determine it's rate in cities until the time that ministry of water and electricity haven't supplied it's power by prior agreement of water and electricity ministry, it is responsibility of municipality.


Note 3


Charities that were responsible for water supplying of cities before the approval of this rule and their activity is approved by local municipality and ministry of interior can continue their work.


Supplying drinking water of cities and distribution equipment and related regulations and also determination of water rate in cities except the issues that subsidiary organizations of Ministry of Water and Electricity is responsible by the approval of city council, the municipality will be responsible. These municipalities can supply and distribute the drinking water to authorized institutions by the approval of city council and country ministry.


Note 4


The municipality is obliged to determine the special places for waste and debris, construction waste and sedimentary of wastewaters discharge and publicize by publication, the place of waste discharge should be determine outside the city area and municipality will recognize the location of factories for changing waste to fertilizer. Tardy and motor drivers are obliged to discharge just on the determined places by municipality, the punishment of violators determine based on article 276 of General criminal law. In case of violation, it will register on the driving license of violators and if within one year he is committed the same violations for three times, on the third time will be sentenced to maximum penalty and the driving license is recorded and within this time would be prohibited from driving. The mentioned violations are investigated on the local court. The violators of note 4 regulations are sentenced to pay 500-5000 Rials fines.


3. Caring and full attention on installation of price tag on goods and implementation of board decisions about the cheapness and abundant of grocery and needed materials for public and the prevention of selling the perishable goods and obliterate them.

4. Care vaccination and inoculation of vaccination and Etc. to prevent diseases.


5. To avoid begging and causing the beggars to work and develop the general education and etc.

6. The implementation of note 1, article 8 of Compulsory Education Law and foundation of cultural, health and cooperation institutions such as, Board of maternal support, Hospice and orphanage, clinic, hospital, nursery, bedlam, library and the classes to fight illiteracy, kindergarden, the children park and Etc. about approved funding and also helping to such institutions and financial assistance to physical society and scouts and helping the home and school associations and municipal workhouse in such cases and also about museums  ,cultural centers and prison by approval of city council by retaining ownership and certain conditions in order to construction and using, the relevant institutions will be authorized.


Note 1- Article 5 of control law in the contribution of culture of municipalities income approved 34/3/28 will be remain.

Note 2- article 59 of law about the annual budget of 1339 for the whole country will be remain.


7. Maintain and manage movable and immovable assets Aqamh lawsuit over the city and people and to defend claims against the municipal entities.

8. Estimated budget and budget amendments and budget reform and municipal funding and planning Tfrygh proposed building plan and its implementation after the approval of City Association, a copy of the approved budget and building program Vsylh prefect or governor will be sent to the Interior Ministry.

9. Municipal transactions including purchase and sale of movable and immovable property and lease and contract approved by the Board and Astjarh in conformity with standards and regulations, Salah and efficient financial Convention municipalities predicted in this Act.

10. Accept donations and gifts and donations with the approval of the city called City Association. Donations paid to charities on behalf of the municipality or the Ministry of Finance component cost acceptable donors are accepted and contributor to the grant amount which is exempt from income tax is.

11. Health surveillance in the Weights and Measures.

12. Preparation of statistics relating to births and deaths and the city.

13. Ghsalkhanh creating and preparing vehicles and dead cemetery care and discipline in their affairs.

14. Effective measures and actions necessary to protect the city from flood and fire risk and eliminate the risk of dangerous buildings and broken walls in public places and streets and public Msakn Dalanhay public and private wells and filling and covering the holes and the passages and avoid placing any objects on the balcony overlooking Ayvanhay and adjacent to public places and that they risk falling for pedestrians and prevent Dvdkshhay Gutters and buildings that cause trouble and damage are residents of cities.

Note - the all-clear for all cases related to buildings, etc., and elimination of harassment contained in the above article Municipality after obtaining technical officer comments to owners or owners of premises or equipment owners appointed with period notification be issued to fit and if you order in the municipality given timely notice is not carried out, care municipality directly with agents attempting to eliminate risk or harassment will be busy and expensive damage to the fifteen percentage Azafh will receive.
Contains provisions for all public places such as cinemas and bath, the inn, the Dkakyn, coffee houses, restaurants, and passages like the place to travel and is also the general Mrajh.

15. Prevent the spread of human and animal diseases and announced Saryh such diseases to the Ministry of Health and Veterinary Medicine and adjacent municipalities when they occur and keep away disease patients Saryh and treatment and disposal of animals suffering from diseases or Saryh and are harmful in Blasahb.

16. Trade regulations and the preparation of proposed city and community affairs, health care unions, joint Function.

17. City map proposed modification, if necessary, and determine prices Adlh land and buildings belonging to people who needed the city streets is in accordance with law and development payment provider location, and its creation and development of streets and public streets and fields and gardens and land preparation needs piping and sewage, whether inside or outside and also the preparation of land required for reservoir construction and installation of filtration devices and their accessories dehydration and development of passages in accordance with law.

18. Preparation of fields for the general population Arzaq and stop buying and selling vehicles and so on.

19. Preparing for the frequency and quality regulations and Hassan Adarh sale of meat and bread in it after the approval and implementation of City Association.

20. Prevention and well-established for all places of ways to cause harassment or residents opposed to the principles of the Health Shhrhast. Municipality is required to ensure the establishment of factories, workshops, public Garazhhay and shop and shop and centers that make igneous materials and cattle stables and animal husbandry centers and general business and acquiring all those who interferes and Srvsdaknd or produce smoke or infection or accumulation of insects and animals and to prevent the destruction of brick kilns and lime plaster and Khzynh Pzy public bath, which is to take action against health and surveillance in the situation Dvdkshhay and factory premises and work vehicles that they create smoke will the city prevent air pollution and when the above mentioned facility before enactment of this law caused them to be closed and if they need to be Kharch city transfer.

Note - the municipality about the destruction and transfer of closed off much of the city is required to also give appropriate notice to the owners to convey their opinion and if landowner objecting municipality must within ten days of its objection to the Commission consisting of three of the City Forum will be selected to submit, vote the Commission is conclusive and binding

Whenever the Commission vote upon approval and municipal comment or did not protest when the property owner or municipality does not act personally deadline Bvsylh the agents will act alone.

21. Constructed buildings and buildings where required, such as laundry and toilet and bath and public gardens and fields and slaughtering children and the stadium according to the principles of health and M. Laz and technical measures for building affordable houses for poor people in urban areas.

22. Cooperative or culture to maintain city buildings and monuments and public buildings and mosques and so on.

23. Compliance efforts in health conditions in factories and bathroom cleanliness and care to keep poor children and previa.

24. For licensing for all buildings in the city is.

Note - in the cities municipal comprehensive map prepared by the city is required to map the criteria mentioned in the type of construction license to use the building to reservations. If the content Prvanh Unlike in commercial construction in the area or place of business is business or established business in the City Commission about a matter prescribed in Clause 100 of this Act are considered and the Commission to meet in case of violation of owner or tenant with proper notice that should not exceed two months on holiday or business or place of business experience within a month makes decision.

This decision runs Bvsylh agents municipality and who shall place Alma after business closed for business or to use trade to a six-month imprisonment for misdemeanors to two years and fine of five thousand to ten thousand Rials a will be sentenced again and place the business is closing.

Setting up a law office and the office and notary and marriage and divorce and Dftrrvznamh and Engineering Journal office by the owner of this Act is not considered commercial use.


25. Building and pave the streets and sidewalks Cavalry Rvha public streets and alleys and Anhar parties and tables of stone, asphalt, etc. cost the municipality to any location.

26. Proposal to establish or abolish symptoms and also change the type and amount of complications, including imported goods and export and domestic products, etc. and send a copy of the decree for the Interior Ministry informed.

Note 1 - In order to encourage export of goods exported to more than one percent of goods price effects should not be imposed.

Note 2 - goods through the city for a certain destination is carried from the payment of any complications within municipalities are exempt from the road.

Note 3 - Article first legislation on February 33 about encouraging exports and production date of enactment of this Act according to Clause 1 of this paragraph will be corrected.

Note 4 - Regulation of escape from paying tax and the refusal of consent and justice Vzartyn set and then approved by the Cabinet will be duly carried out.

27. Special regulation for naming streets and installing Lvhh name and numbered premises and installation and removal and Announcements Bulletin sticking to eliminate ads from unauthorized locations, and any measures that keep the city clean and beautiful effect.

28. Prvanh export business for traders and craftsmen for all traders and craftsmen obligated to place their business received from local councils Prvanh have acquired.
Note - the municipality can to shut down businesses without licenses directly and Bvsylh agents to take action.