Qazvin municipality, will be host of 400 tourist leader from around the world

Khaza'eli, Deputy Mayor of Qazvin:

Alireza Khaza'eli, deputy of planning and development and head of Tourism workgroup in Qazvin municipality said: Qazvin municipality will be host of 400 tourist leader from 45 countries around the world in January, on cultural and historical complex of Sa'd Al-Saltaneh

According to the public relations of Planning and Development in Qazvin municipality; 17thInternational Convention on tourist guides in 2017 will be held by the attempt of labor union associations of guiding tourists to the country for 12 days in January, hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran with tourism industry

 experts from around the world.Khaza'eli said.

 Head of tourism workgroup of Qazvin Municipality added: the convention will be held in three sections Pre tour, conferences and Post tour to introduce and improve the quality of tourism services in Iran with the participation of labor union associations, tourist guides across the country.

Khaza'eli by referring to 11th WCO Silk Road Mayors Forum, hosted by Qazvin said: signing 24 MOU with the sulk road cities, foundation of SRMF, headquartered in Qazvin are the most important achievements of this forum which were based on the message of Ban Ki Moon, secretary general of united nations and comment of Xuan Klass, deputy secretary general of united nations and executive manager of UN-HABITAT and the moment, over 54 cities on the silk road route are member of it and it continuant secretariat is in the city of Qazvin.