Presentation of Dr. Nosrati, president of world assembly of Islamic cities in a special commission HABITAT 3

Dr. Masoud Nosrati, president of world assembly of Islamic cities, mayor of Qazvin presented in a special commission HABITAT 3 by the subject of CPI role in realization of sustainable development goals.

According to public relations and international affairs of Qazvin municipality; Dr. Nosrati presented in a special commission and world commission HABITAT 3 through 17-20 Oct was held in Kato city, Ecuador by the goal of approving urban new agenda.

The text of presentation

In the name of God

Ladies and Gentlemen

It was appreciated from attendance of Mr. Eduard Lopez in this valuable meeting and his support from Qazvin pilot program and I am pleasure to present my 1/5 years' experience from historical and cultural city of Qazvin, done measurement based on CPI model and using its initial results to get the urban sustainable development based on the determined projects in the special commission of HABITAT 3 by the subject of CPI role in realization of sustainable development goals.


Qazvin as a center of economic exchanges of Silk Road cities to create economic organization of Silk Road cities in line with the creation of initiative in international rate

  1. Construction of national landing in Northwest
  2. Construction of dry port in Qazvin
  3. Construction of cultural museum garden and recreation of historical events of Islamic cities
  4. Construction of Islamic arts museum in scientific schools and seminaries of Qazvin

Environmental sustainability:

Qazvin Eco Park

  1. Reconstruction of 2600 hectare of traditional gardens by the goal of developing green space in Qazvin
  2. Operating phases 2,3,4 of Barajin national garden

Developing infrastructures:

  1. Creating public transportation system, LRT, BRT
  2. Promote the airport
  3. Introduction of Qazvin as a tourism destination in international rate
  4. Construction of fair town in the North of Qazvin-Zanjan freeway
  5. Construction of a center for international assemblies and meeting saloon in Qazvin

Justice and social inclusion:

  1. Operation of 21 local agenda
  2. Participation of citizens in managing city affairs by the approach of quarter-oriented

Quality of life:

  1. Promote the Quality of life in the historical center of Qazvin
  2. Creation of Green Zone as a pilot of quality of life in Qazvin
  3. Developing 100 urban spaces in Qazvin
  4. Planning and organizing the entrances of city

Government and law (urban control)

  1. Planning and operation of urban observatory in Qazvin
  2. Transferring the working places and contaminant industries to considered places outside of the city
  3. Controlling waste water and optimal use
  4. Creating genius map of Qazvin