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The meeting between the Iranian ambassador in Sweden and the mayor of Qazvin

Continuation of international cooperation is very important

Siavash Taherkhani, mayor of Qazvin, during a meeting with the Iranian ambassador to Sweden, said: "There are many Iranians who are living in Sweden, which can create an opportunity for mutual communication."

According to Department of Relations and International Affairs of Qazvin municipality, Taherkhani said:" the diversity of ethnic groups in Qazvin, the strategic location and the highway, adjacent to Tehran and the existence of special cultural, heritage, economic and climatic capacities in Qazvin has created the special situation which can provide the basis for international cooperation."

Qazvin mayor noted that many sister city and cooperation agreements have been signed in the past between Qazvin and cities in European and Asian countries that should be operational.

"We expect the Iranian embassy in Sweden to facilitate cooperation between Qazvin and the country," the official said.

Emphasizing that the municipality of Qazvin is ready to cooperate with Sweden, he said: "Preparations have been made to strengthen international cooperation, but their continuity is very important."


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