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Budget bill

Submission of Qazvin Municipality's 2700 billion budget bill to Qazvin Islamic Council

Qazvin Municipality's 2700 billion Toman budget bill for the year 1402 was presented to the Islamic Council of Qazvin for approval on Sunday night by Qazvin Mayor Dr. Sabaghi.

According to the Qazvin Municipality Communications and International Affairs Department, Mehdi Sabbaghi, the mayor of Qazvin, on Sunday evening, at the municipal budget presentation meeting in the public hall of the Islamic Council of the city, while congratulating on the ten days of Fajr and the blessed holidays of Rajab, said: the proposed budget of 1402 is based on defining missions which include urban governance and responsive urban management, citizen-oriented urban development based on social capital, infrastructure development and urban smartening, justice in the distribution of services with a special focus on less privileged areas, improving urban safety and resilience in the development of transport and The public transfer is clear and fluent.

Referring to the priorities of the budget in the next year, he said: the preparations of the 1402 budget are based on the examination of such things as the increase in imposed costs, the lack of energy resources, the increase in environmental pollutants, the unstable economic conditions in the construction costs of the city, the reduction of government financial support to the municipality. The increase in the development and maintenance costs of the city is the overtaking of the rate of current municipal expenses compared to the growth rate of the municipality's financial resources.

The mayor of Qazvin stated: In the next year's budget, a special line of credit has been considered for the development of separate urban areas and less privileged areas, and the city management is trying to determine and assign long-term semi-completed projects in the next year.

He pointed out that the increase of municipal properties and assets, the development of sustainable sources of income and the saving of urban management costs are the criteria for the compilation of the municipal budget in the third five-year plan. He added: The budget included for the municipality in the third five-year plan is 2700 billion tomans, which we hope will be approved with the support and discretion of Qazvin Islamic Council. This official went on to compare the expenses of the municipality in 1401 and the plans of 1402 and stated: The expenses of the municipality in current affairs in 1401 amounted to 660 billion Tomans, while the proposed budget will increase by one thousand billion Tomans, if realized. It will have a 37% increase.

He also said about the construction costs of the municipality in 1401: the amount of these costs amounted to one thousand billion tomans this year and 1600 billion tomans (a 60% increase) is predicted for the next year.

Sabbaghi ​​continued: Last year, the special budget of Qazvin municipality was for municipal debts of 540 billion tomans, and for 1402, a credit amounting to 100 billion tomans has been considered in this area.

He also compared the amount of sources of public revenues of the municipality and said: the amount of the budget that has been considered for the sources of public revenues of the municipality; It was 1,041 billion tomans, which is included in the proposed budget of next year, 1,549 billion tomans.

In the continuation of his speech, the mayor of Qazvin mentioned the assets and funds of Qazvin municipality and added: In 1401, the amount of assets and funds of the municipality amounted to 1108 billion tomans, which amount was seen in the next year's budget of 1100 billion tomans.

The mayor of Qazvin pointed out: In 1401, Qazvin municipality faced a one percent decrease in land sales and it is predicted; Let's have a 9% increase in this regard next year.

He also pointed to the interaction of Qazvin Municipality with the Civil Deputy of Qazvin Governorate and stated: Qazvin Municipality participates in the realization and implementation of 100 construction and development projects of the city with the Governorate and is trying to determine the half-completed short-term urban projects by the end of the year.

Sabbaghi ​​went on to say that some of the unkindness towards the city management: Unfortunately, some attacks and stone-throwing against the city management caused some city construction projects such as the Ayatollah Barik Bin belt to be in trouble.

Referring to the effective role of this belt in reducing the pollutants of Qazvin city, he added: I believe that Qazvin is one of the clean cities in the field of transportation, and the pollution that is blamed on the urban transportation system is caused by other polluting sources.

In the end, the mayor of Qazvin said: The municipality and the council are not two institutions against each other, but two complementary institutions side by side, and we hope that with the sympathy of the city's Islamic council, we will be able to witness the development of Qazvin.

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