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Settlement of debts of Qazvin municipality

Complete settlement of the debt and 200% increase of Qazvin municipality's capital over the stock market

Yesterday, after intensive meetings between the mayor and senior managers of Qazvin Municipality and the managing director and senior managers of Shahr Bank, the debt settlement agreement and capital increase of Qazvin Municipality as one of the main shareholders of Bank Shahr was signed.

According to the Qazvin Municipality Communications and International Affairs Department, Qazvin Mayor Dr. Mehdi Sabbaghi ​​said: In the past years, in order to implement the city's construction and improvement projects, facilities and partnership bonds were obtained from Shahr Bank in the form of contractors and municipal organizations, but the non-payment It had turned into a big knot in the financial and budget issues of the municipality.


The mayor of Qazvin added: The existence of this debt and the involvement of the city's resources to pay it was a major challenge and problem for the municipal contractors, as well as a serious obstacle in the way of major works and the implementation of urban projects and the allocation of financial resources. It used up a lot of the city's resources, but it still remained.


This official pointed out that since last year, serious and expert follow-ups to solve this issue were on the agenda.He stated: In the past year, expert meetings and investigations were held continuously and continuously, and serious consultations were held in this field. With the correct explanation of the issue, the vote was issued in favor of Qazvin municipality, and with the help of regulatory institutions, the amount of municipal debt was reduced to a significant amount.


Sabbaghi ​​stated: We were still considering the issue of settling the debt of Shahr Bank and reaching a final solution, and finally, after following up, consulting and holding numerous expert meetings, we managed to reach an agreement on the complete settlement of this debt with a value of about one thousand. A billion Tomans was reached during an agreement signed by the parties.


The mayor of Qazvin, explaining the generalities of this agreement, stated: In addition to fully settling all the facilities received from Shahr Bank, we have succeeded in increasing our capital in Shahr Bank, as one of the major shareholders of the bank, by 200%, which is a great and worthy achievement. Attention will be for the city.


Sabbaghi ​​stated: Today, not only we are passing our big debt in Shahr Bank, but by creating a credit line and using other banking opportunities, including the issuance of partnership bonds, etc., we will be able to use many resources to provide services in Let's create a city that has a place. I congratulate our dear people and good fellow citizens for this achievement.


In the end, the mayor of Qazvin said: The resolution of the municipality's bank debt is the result of the interaction, assistance and empathy of all the respected members of the Qazvin Islamic Council, as well as all the officials and people who helped us in this way, which is due to the efforts of all these dear ones. In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to the respected governor, the banking experts and regulatory agencies of the province, and the influential managers of Qazvin Municipality, who have been seriously supporting and accompanying the city administration in the past year.

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