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The invitation of the mayor of Haiku, the Chinese adopted sister from Qazvin city, to attend the international expo

Mayor Haiko, the Chinese sister of Qazvin city, during a correspondence with Dr. Mehdi Sabbaghi, the mayor of Qazvin, invited the old historical city of Qazvin to participate in the international expo.

According to the report of Qazvin Municipality Communications and International Affairs Department; In this correspondence, the mayor of Haikou, the Chinese sisterhood, has called for more interactions between Qazvin city and Haikou city in various sectors, including trade and culture, in order to strengthen the tourism sector, friendly relations and increase mutual understanding and friendship between the two cities.


The Chinese sisterhood of Qazvin city has prepared a booth for the adopted sisters to introduce their historical and cultural capacities in the exhibition.


Qazvin Mayor Dr. Sabaghi, while congratulating the Chinese New Year Mayor Haiku, the Chinese sister of Qazvin city, invited him to visit the historical and cultural ancient city of Qazvin and get to know the unique opportunities of Qazvin.


Mehdi Sabbaghi ​​expressed his hope that in the new year, comprehensive strategic relations between the two cities of Qazvin and Haikou will become an objective reality in the shadow of the efforts and assistances and attentions of the officials and officials of Qazvin and Haikou and witness the expansion and strengthening of the relations between the two civilized Asian cities in all fields. Let's be mutual.

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