The traditional gardens; an emerald in the heart of Qazvin

The traditional gardens in Qazvin with an area of two thousands and 600 Hectares have surrounded East, West and South of Qazvin and they are effective in the Refinement and adjustment of the adverse effects of foggy winds from the North, West and South-East.

The age of this garden is more than one thousand year and at his time there are many 300-400 years old pistachio trees.

Qazvin gardens have more than 10 thousand pieces which each of them has been separated from each other by a dusty border and have the registration No. with the various areas from 250 to 5000 Square meters and have the private ownership.

The gardens around Qazvin have the productive trees including: pistachio, Almonds, apricots, grapes, walnuts and Non-productive trees and bushes that all of them are Resistant to drought and environmental inappropriate conditions and produce the sweet and delicious fruits by once irrigation in the winter and spring Seasons.

These gardens like a vast aquifer with Running water and flooding of five seasonal rivers become waterlogged once or twice in the winter and spring Seasons in the plots with one meter high.

The most of productions in the garden are produced organically and without using Pesticides and fertilizers.

Green pistachio, Shahani grapes and Mohammad Rezayi apricot are the main fruits of these traditional gardens.