Dr. Ali Safari (Biography) Dr. Ali Safari (Biography)

Dr. Ali Safari (Biography)

Educational Information:

  • Environmental engineering, Ph.D.
  • Master of Science in environmental engineering
  • Bachelor of Environmental Engineering
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Teaching Experience:

  • The second rank of entrance exam, Ph.D.
  • The third rank of master's degree in water and sewage engineering
  • The fourth rank of entrance exam, civil engineering
  • Professor of Islamic Azad University
  • Professor of Payame Noor University, civil engineering
  • Professor of Booyin Zahra industrial University, urbanism


Executive Experience:

  • Mayor of Booyin Zahra, 2008-2017
  • Mayor of Bidestan, 6 years
  • Officer of Department of statistics and public relations, Qazvin municipality
  • Selected mayor of the province, 2006
  • Selected mayor of the province, 2007
  • Top mayor of the province, 2012
  • Top mayor of the country on private sector investment attraction, 2012
  • Top mayor of the province, in the field of health
  • Member of the world mayors for peace organization, with the decree of mayor of Hiroshima
  • Director of Sport-Cultural club, Qazvin municipalities
  • Member of Charity on school construction
  • Member of Board of directors of waste management, Qazvin municipalities
  • Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Provinces in the first period of the councils

Research Activities:

  • Water modeling of urban green space for sustainable development
  • Economic survey of separation from origin, Qazvin, region 2 (research)
  • Translation of the Guide to Construction Laws in the UK and Comparison with Iran (Ministry of Environment and Transportation of the United Kingdom)
  • The survey of licensing process of the construction of industries in Maida, Malaysia and comparison with Iran Industries Organization.
  • Translation of the rules set of Dubai municipality
  • International Certificates at the International Congress on Urban Design
  • The ideal city workshop (CERTIFICATE)
  • GIS workshop (CERTIFICATE)
  • The New Energy Organization workshop (CERTIFICATE)
  • Enabling earthquake areas including Qazvin, Zanjan, Hamadan and Kermanshah (CERTIFICATE)
  • Rehabilitation, renovation and reconstruction of urban distressed tissues (CERTIFICATE)
  • Urban Services Management (CERTIFICATE)
  • International conference and forum on urban sustained Development (CERTIFICATE)
  • International conference on urbanism Management (CERTIFICATE)
  • Specialized course Designing Historical fabric (CERTIFICATE)
  • Contemporary International conference on patterning from traditional architecture to Access to Architecture (CERTIFICATE)
  • Provincial work shop on capacity building for disaster management (CERTIFICATE)

Translation & Compilation:

  • Urban waste management (publishing)
  • Old tissues, challenges and strategies (publishing)

 Housing Land craning procedures "Dubai Municipality"

 Complaint form "Dubai Municipality

 Statistical Review "Dubai Municipality Achievements"

 Procedures of allocation industrial Lands

 Customer Service center Dubai Municipality

 Air Quality research: "perspective form climate change modeling research