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Sasanian have called it " kashvin" , it means the land that shouldn't lose sight of it, some people called it "Qasvin" or the city where people are strong and firm and some historians called it "kaspian" , because kapest tribe were migrated from the vicinity of Mazandaran sea to this plain and were mixing with the native tribes and others have gone to the Iran's center and for this reason Khazar sea is known to Bahr Al-Qazvin or Qazvin sea.


In Qazvin one hundreds old hills have been identified that each one has a golden leave of Islamic history and civilization of our country and just excavation of Segezabad hill indicates 9 thousands years sedentary civilization in this fertile plain.

According to historical documents, the age of Qazvin ragion related to Median era, ninth century BC. At that time, mountainous part of Qazvin south and south west  was regarded as Median territory which was invaded by different nations, include Ashur and Kasiha nations.

The study of obtained effects of Qazvin south in Boyin Zahra show that this region was habitat of human communities, on the fourth and fifth Millennium BC.






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