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We hope the city of Qazvin becomes the official member of the creative cities of UNESCO

Safari, Head of Qazvin Municipality:
"With the opening of the Qazvin Municipality's Center for Creativity and Innovation we hope that the city of Qazvin from Iran will become the third official city of the creative cities of UNESCO, Ali Safari, the head of Qazvin said.

According to department of public relations and international affairs of Qazvin municipality; Safari in the opening ceremony of the Qazvin Municipality's Center for Creativity and Innovation, which was held with the participation of city and provincial authorities added: The Center for Creativity and Innovation started in Isfahan two years ago and last year started in Rasht, and the suggestion to launch this center was also presented in Qazvin in order to the city of Qazvin have a thinking room for reaching to the creative city.

The launch of the center could help Qazvin's urban management to carry out urban projects with a scientific and expert look, Safari said.

The UNESCO has defined seven headings for creative cities, including art, literature, music, architecture and landscape design, and many cities in the world joined the creative city network. The head of Qazvin Municipality added.

 "A lot of good things have been done in Qazvin for tourism development in recent years, and Qazvin Municipality's creativity and innovation center can be a great help for tourism development, and this capacity should be used." He said.

"The UNESCO in the definition of the tourist has stated that tourism is not just for visiting museums, but that it should develop the concept of a citizen's tourist, and that the citizen's tourist should communicate with the customs of the various tribes of the world", He continued.

Qazvin Municipality's creativity and innovation center is the engine of the city's development and will be a good assistance in reaching projects and sustainable development, head of Qazvin municipality said.

"Qazvin is on the way of development, and we hope that this development will accelerate more quickly and also to achieve the goals of tourism development that will make Qazvin a destination for tourism." He added.