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The tramway project runs in Qazvin as the first city in the country:

Safari, mayor of Qazvin:
"The tramway project runs in Qazvin as the first city in the country", Ali Safari, mayor of Qazvin said.

According to department of public relations and international affairs of Qazvin municipality; At the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between Qazvin Municipality and Norinco International Co. in order to implement the Qazvin Tramway Project with the participation of the Governor, the Deputy of Civil Affairs Coordination, the Chairman and members of the Islamic Council of Qazvin, the head of the Provincial Management and Planning Organization, the Director of Roads and Urban Development and provincial and urban managers, Safari added: Increasing the quality of citizens' life and the fair distribution of services as the main slogan of the fifth council and Qazvin city management are on the agenda and in this regard, the tramway project will be executed. 

He said that with the increase in the physical space of the city, the traffic cannot be reduced, as the city streets expand, cars can move more quickly in the streets and after a while the traffic of the city in those passages also increases.

The mayor of Qazvin, referring to the decree on the implementation of the tramway in the city of Qazvin by the High Council for Traffic in the country and communicated by the Minister of the Interior, stated: "In the budget of 1397, there are good resources for the development of mass transportation infrastructure, and this issue shows the importance of the transportation system in the country."