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The city of Qazvin and Austria can cooperate in the field of transportation, tourism, academia, ecotourism, industry and the environment.

Dr. Safari, Mayor of Qazvin:
The city of Qazvin and Austria could cooperate in the field of transportation, tourism, academia, ecotourism, industry and the environment. Dr. Ali Safari, Mayor of Qazvin in joint meeting with Stefan Scholz, Ambassador of Austria said.

According to Department of public relations and International Affairs, Qazvin, Safari has called the city of Qazvin as the capital of the country's calligraphy and the capital of Persian poetry and stated: "The city of Qazvin has very common points with Austria and many cities of this country, including Vienna And in the city of Qazvin, like Vienna, there are valuable monuments.

Sa'd Al-Saltaneh Caravanserai as the largest indoor Caravanserai in the Middle East is located in Qazvin, "In addition to the historical issues, the city of Qazvin has many common points in the cultural field with the city of Vienna, and as the city of Vienna is the capital of world music, Qazvin is also the capital of Iranian calligraphy, he said.

Qazvin's mayor, pointing out that the city of Qazvin is on the verge of the UNESCO creative city, stated: "As the city of Salzburg is UNESCO's legacy, the city of Qazvin is also among the number of works registered at the top of the country's cities and the national heritage of Iran.

Safari referred to the cooperation of Qazvin with Austria in different areas and in 10 sections and said: Qazvin is one of the cities of the Silk Road and the transportation center of the country and can be used in the field of study and implementation of the project of Qazvin Metro to Hashtgerd and in the construction of a tram the experiences of Austria can be benefited.

Referring to the unique natural monuments of Qazvin, good cooperation can be found in the field of eco-tourism, he said.

The official said Qazvin is an academic city and said: "We can also work in scientific and research fields".

He called for a Memorandum of Understanding on sister city with one of the Austrian cities and said: By concluding this memorandum, we can cooperate in various cultural, economic and tourism fields.

The mayor of Qazvin also pointed out the great potential of Austria and the city of Qazvin in the field of industry, and proposed the establishment of an exhibition in Austria.

Safari added: "In the field of environment and land use, you can also benefit from the valuable experiences of Austria.

He noted the benefits of Austria's experience in urban planning and urban management.

Qazvin's mayor said that the hope is that the friendship and economic, political and cultural relations between Qazvin and Austria would be strengthened further.

Safari added: Qazvin is one of the major cities of Iran, which was founded in the Sassanid period.

Safari pointed out that the Qazvin municipality was founded in 1286 or in 1906, and the language of its people is Farsi, said the history of civilization and sedentary in Qazvin reached 9 thousand years ago.