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Joint meeting between the mayor, chairman and members of Islamic city council and Korean delegates was held on urban waste management.

Joint meeting between the mayor of Qazvin and Korean delegates on urban waste management
According to department of public relations and international affairs of Qazvin municipality; the issue of waste and waste management in Iran is a dilemma and we hope that we can solve this problem with the help of specialized companies. Ahmadzade, the coordinator of this meeting said.

It is attempted to introduce the most specialized companies in this area to municipalities.

We hope we can solve the waste management problems in Qazvin by signing a memorandum of understanding with the Korean delegates. Ahmadzade said and continued: Using the experiences of specialized companies can help us in the future to solve the problem of waste management. Awareness of the quantity and quality of waste is one of the important issues of waste management. Jabari, Managing Director of Waste Management Organization of Qazvin Municipality said.

He described the process of separation and collection of garbage in the city of Qazvin.

South Korea once faced a waste management problem like Iran, but it managed to solve this problem in the shortest time and best technology. Park da hyung, managing director of Texa Resource, South Korea said.

Waste management problems can be solved and we hope that by mutual cooperation we can solve this problem in the city of Qazvin in the shortest time and with the best technology. He said.

South Korean specialist companies in the field of waste management presented their technology and capabilities, and also concluded a memorandum of understanding between the Qazvin municipality and Park da hyung, the CEO of Texa Resource and the delegates on waste management.

At the end, the mayor of Qazvin donated the sign of Qazvin citizen to Park da hyung, the CEO of Texas Resource.