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Today, the importance of public relations in defining and developing goals and activities of any organizations or institutions at various levels (local, regional and international) is no secret.

Public Relations are the heart of modern organizations and links organizations with their environment. Identifying the tasks, creating and maintaining favorable relations with society, are among public relations important tasks.  In recent decades, with the expansion of public relations activities in the municipalities, the role of public relations as a bridge between the people and the municipality is of great importance.

Due to macro-oriented management view of Qazvin Municipality, Public Relations and International Affairs Department of the Municipality has developed in strengthening human resources quantitatively and qualitatively. For creating full communication with the management of three regions ,deputies of six regions and affiliated organizations and exploiting efficient work force in public relations of the deputy offices, urban affiliated areas and organizations have made a great deal of efforts.

In line with the transparency of municipal activities for the public opinions and media, widespread activities have been carried out with efficient tools and technology. Information and communication media, City Radio and Qazvin Municipality Information Portal have been created with understanding its necessities.