Kantur church that is known to " borj naqus ", built on second world war by Russians. It is a small church where has a tetragon pelan and two domes, the big one is in the central part of prayer room and the other one is on the altar. Bricks and concrete are the materials that are used, bricks are picked artistically as a result a beautiful monument is appeared. Kantur church has an entrance door which there are Russians crosses on the walls that are in two sides of it.

There is a three storey bell-house on the entrance that is leaded to a small dome. In order to protect of wooden door of entrance and the designs of neighbor walls, a gable roof with wooden columns built in front of the entrance.there are big columns in the four corners of outer walls that increase it's beauty. In two corners of bell tower,there are big columns similar to prayer room but in the second storey of tower there are four columns in four corners of it. In addition to prayer room's light place, bell-tower has light places too. Church's yard is bricky which there are some tombs that one of them belongs to a Russian pilot.

The church is known to" borj naqus ", built on the second world war in Qazvin by Russians. This small church has a Chelipa design.the entrance of church is located on the western angle and includes an entrance space with a sloping roof and entrance.after entrance, there is pre-space of hall where the bell tower with the height of 11m is on it.

The hall has a prayer room and  an altar, two rectangular spaces are located on two sides of it.altar space is semi-circle and a dome is on it. Prayer room has a dome. There are decoration columns in church's exterior.